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Plastic pails offer numerous advantages over other packaging options. Here are just a few reasons to select plastic pails for your application:

Plastic Pails --
Will Not Rust or Dent… help make your product look better longer.
Seamless… molded in one piece with no seams that can leak in transportation or storage.
Light Weight…significantly lighter in weight than steel pails, resulting in reduced shipping costs.
Nestable…the tapered design of plastic pails allows them to be nested for the most efficient storage and transport prior to filling.
Tested and Proven…for over 35 years a cost effective, safe, and dependable package for a wide variety of liquid and solid products.
Tamper Evident Cover Designs… help protect your product and your company’s reputation.
Stacking Features Built into the Cover…provide added stability during storage and transport.
Wide Range of Capacities…from 1 gallon (3.785 Liters) to 6 gallons (22.7 Liters) to satisfy every requirement.
Resealable Closure and Fitting Designs…provide clean dispensing and reliable resealing for all types of products.
Recyclable…a proven track record as easily re-useable and recyclable.
Approved Designs for Hazardous Materials and Food Grade Applications…a wide variety of materials and designs satisfy UN/DOT and FDA regulations.
User Friendly Handling Features…bail handles and/or molded-in handles provide dependable and comfortable methods for handling and dispensing.
Less noise during filling and closing…plastic pails reduce filling line noise.
Customized Material Performance…plastic resins can be customized to provide the best performance for your application (compressive strength, environmental stress crack resistance, resistance to product permeation, etc.).
Gasket and Product Compatibility…a wide variety of available closures and cover gasket materials ensures optimum compatibility with your product.
Customized UV Protection…plastic pails can be colored and/or surface treated to provide your product with the UV protection required.
Premium Graphics…plastic pails have a large, smooth surface that allows for placement of high quality text and graphics.

Contact a PSCI-member plastic pail manufacturer for assistance in selecting the plastic pail design that's right for your application.