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The Plastic Shipping Container Institute is the North American organization of producers of plastic pails (rigid plastic shipping containers). The Institute's mission is to promote the common interests of the plastic shipping container industry, including representation to local, state and federal regulatory agencies and legislative bodies, on domestic and international issues impacting customers, suppliers and consumers.

Plastic pails are an important package for industrial, commercial and consumer applications. Plastic pails enable an estimated $30 billion in products to reach markets around the world. They bring foods to restaurants and the home, and safely package cleaners for building maintenance. They reliably bring paint, wall joint compound and mastics to the construction site, and contain lubricants for the production line. They are even sold as reusable containers for a wide range of utility tasks.

Plastic pails replace paper or plastic sacks and paperboard boxes when shippers seek sanitary, weatherproof, puncture-resistant containers that stack safely. PSCI member companies produce plastic pails in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Most containers can be economically decorated to carry brand advertising and usage instructions, and most are available with a variety of cover fitments to facilitate pouring or blending of contents.

PSCI's membership also includes suppliers of plastic resin, handles, lids, molds, closures, gaskets and colorants used in container production.

The Institute was established in 1976 and has been headquartered in Washington, D.C. since 1996. A nine-member Board of Directors meets prior to the general meetings which are held in the Spring and Fall of each year. The general meetings consist of a mix of industry-leading speakers and extensive committee meetings.

PSCI Bylaws

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The PSCI committees and some of their activities include:

Environmental Committee
Working with local, state, federal and international organizations to keep the members of PSCI and their customers informed of advances and changes in the recycling of plastic pails. Click HERE for Committee Documents available

Technical Committee
The Development and Updating of Plastic Pail Performance Standards. Development of Guidelines for the Selection and Use of Plastic Pails. Click HERE for Committee Documents available

Public Education Committee
Development of the web site
Keeping PSCI members and their customers informed of the latest legislative and regulatory developments (local, state, federal and international) .Click HERE for Committee Documents available